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fiemmemotionThis summer the Fiemme Valley and Bien Vivre Hotels give you one more reason to come to spend your holidays in our area.

Our Hotels takes part in an environmental sustainability project called FIEMME VALLEVVIVA.

All together we can help reduce both the wastes of energy and the negative impacts on the environment thanks to small daily habits that allow the safeguard and improvement of the place we’re living in and spending our holidays.

Our Hotel is engaged in:

  • Use renewable energy sources
  • Limit energy consumption and water resources
  • Perform separate waste collection (record in Val di Fiemme: 87%!!!)
  • Use “0” km products in our menus
  • Use eco-friendly household cleaners and detergents
  • Support low environmental impact services and activities to better live in nature Continue reading “TRANSPORT, CABLE CARS AND LOTS OF NATURE … GRATIS!” »

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DSC00901“We always try to change, renew ,rejuvenate , otherwise we will only become harder ” said Goethe.

Everybody has dreams, plans, ambitions, but we know how hard is to realize them. We may find in ourselves and our minds the way to achieve our goals. Think pink, in fact, releases chemicals and creates connections between brain cells, which in turn bring in new ideas and new answers. Think in a negative way, however, blocks the flow of thought, so that we focus more on problems and we are more forced to give up.

The Goal Mapping,  by Brian Mayne, helps you to achieve your goals. It is a powerful system for goal setting success. Images and text work the left and right brain to programme your subconscious to steer you towards astounding success. Continue reading “THE GOAL MAPPING WINS THE Bellavista” »

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