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alfredo-ferrarioDolomiti Ski Jazz, the famous music festival on the slopes of the Dolomites, has come to its 17th edition this year.

The tour, which will accompany the skiing and evenings guests and inhabitants of the valley, propose a beautiful concert also at the Wine Bar of the Hotel Bellavista.

Alfredo Ferrario Quartet” with the special participation of the singer Patrizia Laquidara will start their performance at 21.30 on Tuesday, March 11.

Thanks to his big sensitivity, instrumental technique and excellent jazz liking, Alfredo Ferrario has been considered the best clarinet swing player in Italy for several years. He plays in the most prestigious scenes of the traditional jazz in the world.

The special guest of Alfredo Ferrario’s quartet is Patrizia Laquidara, extraordinary singer-songwriter – performer of the Italian music and the Brazilian repertoire – who will present some of the most standard jazz tracks.

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